Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Return to Cancun!

Sarah and Chris came to Cancun for spring break in March and invited us to come. We couldn't pass up an opportunity to see them (and Cancun again) so we took a short flight from Mexico City to Cancun. This is a great view of the volcanoes leaving Mexico City.Meeting Kiley!!
Omar and Joshua in one of the hotels beautiful pools.

Sarah and Kiley
El tamalito Matthew
Michael swimming in another beautiful pool

We drove to Playa del Carmen for an afternoon at the beach and dinner in the cute town. Sar took this picture of us (from left) Omar, Michael behind Joshua, Matthew, Chris and Amy.

The next day, a rainy and chilly one, we drove to Tulum about an hour from the hotel. This are beautiful ruins right on the coast. Omar and I were here in January. Some entertainment at the entrance, Danza de los Voladores (dance of the flyers) is in the picture below. The flyers climb up the tower and then slowly let out the rope tied to their feet as they fly around the pole until the reach the ground. Very impressive. The ceremony/ritual is a pre-Hispanic one, believed to have been a ritual to ask the gods to end a drought.
Posing in front of some ruins
Sarah and Michael overlooking the beach which is accesible from the ruins.
Back at the hotel the next day, another sunny one, Chris and Kiley relaxing poolside
The Mayan Palace hotel (the building with our room, the place is huge!)
Waiting for the shuttle to take us all back to the airport. Michael and Joshua had gotten their faces painted just before leaving :) Joshua's face paint made it all the way to ice skating practice the next morning in Maryland :)

Xochimilco & The Olympic Race Course

A Sunday afternoon visit to Xochimilco, in the south of Mexico City. We rented one of these colorful boats (una chalupa), bought some hot quesadillas and a michelada for Omar, and were off on a tour of the canal. We were alongside this boat most of the afternoon and were treated to the Grupo Norteño they hired to serenade them on their boat ride. You can see them on the far side of the picture. Not far from Xochimilco is rowing racecourse built for the 1968 Olympics--my Dad raced here!

Omar at the boathouses

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Emiliano's Baptism

Emiliano with his Padrino (Godfather) Omar

Laura, Pollo, Emiliano and Andrea

El Padrino playing Bolo with the kids...he throws a fistful of coins and the kids scramble to pick them up.Omar y los hermanos, finally all together! From left: Juan Carlos, Omar, Pollo, Marco Antonio and Hector.

Las cuñadas: Ania, Liliano, Laura, Aby e Amy

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Natalia & Renata, Andrea & Emiliano

Sra. Belem, Emiliano and Pollo
Sra. Belem, Gral. Hector, Emiliano and Andrea

Omar out with the girls: Renata, Andrea, Natalia and Amy (Sra. Belem in the front seat)

Omar at the movies with Natalia and Renata

Waiting for the ballet recital: Gral. Hector, Sr. Belem, Pollo and Omar

Andrea and Laura, this is a Mother/Daughter ballet class

The ballerina, Andrea

All the girls in the ballet class

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meeting Emiliano

Omar's brother Mario (aka Pollo) and Laura had their baby, Emiliano, on January 13. He was born over a month early, but healthy and doing great now.

Ready for baby exercises

Monday, March 1, 2010

More sightseeing in Mexico City

Visiting the Palacio Nacional, formerly where the President, now used for Presidential meetings and events. Omar's friend, Oscar, took us on a great tour. Thanks Oscar!

The president's desk


The murals of Diego Rivera, depicting the history of Mexico along the second floor arcade

The Castillo de Chapultepec, former fortress, home of the Emperor during the French occupation and later the President, it's now a museum.

Great view down Reforma

Plaza de las Tres Culturas: the remains of the Aztec city of Tlatelolco, the Church of Santiago and modern office and apartment buildings.