Saturday, October 24, 2009


More pictures of Tihaar-the beautiful festival of lights.

Mas fotos de Tihaar - el festival de las luces.

Each day of Tihaar worshippers bless a different animal. This is a picture of a cow with a blessing of red tika powder and a flower mala.

Cada dia de Tihaar la gente bendice a diferentes animales. Esta es una foto de una vaca bendecida con tika y flores.

Tika powder --used for a blessing on the forehead--for sale. On bai (little brother) tika day, older sisters bless their brothers with an intricate, multi-colored tika.

Tika es usada para la bendicion de las personas y animales. Generalmente es puesta en la frente.

People invite the gods/goddesses inside their home, guiding them with the tika design, candles and an offering of flowers and fruits. The trail leads the gods into their home.

La gente invita al los dioses a venir dentro de sus casas. Por medio de un disenio con tika, luces, flores y frutas. Un camino guia a los dioses dentro de sus hogares.

Amy buying Tihaar sweets at a shop in Patan./Amy comprando dulces de Tihaar en Patan.

A Tihaar shop selling flowers and other decorations for your house, candles and special sweets./Los puestos de venta en los dias de Tihaar.

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