Monday, January 11, 2010

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!

Christmas Eve, Mexico City. Somehow I didn't end up with a entire family picture, but his parents, four brothers and their families were all at his parent's house for Christmas Eve. The evening began with the posada, followed by pinatas, exchanging gifts and a big Christmas dinner. The festivities continued until 3am or so, which everyone declared was an early night :)
Nacimientos (Nativity Scenes) on display on Reforma Avenue, a major boulevard in Mexico City.
Another Nacimiento, this was on the side of a building.
Christmas Eve dinner
Andrea, the youngest in the family, starts off the action on the pinatas.
Ania explains to Amy the tradition of 'posadas.' One half the family stands outside, the other half inside and the groups sing verses to each other, acting out Mary and Joseph looking for a room at the inn.
Renata carries Baby Jesus into the house after the group inside opens the door and welcomes all of us in for the celebration.
Amy meets Andrea, the youngest of the Garcia Sanchez family on Christmas Eve. I met her parents (Omar's brother Mario aka Pollo and Laura) in DC, but not Andrea. She introduced herself, "Hello, my name is Andrea."

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