Monday, January 11, 2010

Sightseeing in Mexico City

Amy in the Zocalo with the Palacio Nacional in the background. Every city and town in Mexico has a Zocalo, or plaza in the town center with a church and government buildings surrounding it. The Palacio Nacional is where the President used to work and is still used for Presidential meetings and events.

Pedestrian only street in Centro Historico

Centro Historico, a church with La Torre Latinoamerica behind it. There is an observation deck on the 44th floor. We went up for some great views of the city.

The huge Mexican flag (toward the right of this picture) in in the Zocalo. On the left is the Catedral Metropolitana and behind the flag is the Palacio National. In the middle of the Zocalo is a giant ice skating rink, free for residents of Mexico City.
Alameda Park

Palacio de Bellas Artes

An old building in Centro Historico covered in talavera tiles

The Angel of Independence on Reforma Avenue

Look for Amy (black jacket and waving)

Downtown street
The Basilica of Guadalupe

The old Basilica, which is sinking and leaning over, major construction is underway

San Juan Diego's miracle cloak hanging above the altar behind bulletproof glass
The old Basilica and the new one (1987) with the green roof

Omar and his parents

The zocalo in Coyoacan, a neighborhood towards the south of Mexico City

The church at Coyoacan's zocalo

Outside the Museo Frida Kahlo

The museum is in the house where Frida Kahlo was born, she later lived here with Diego Rivera

Yes, it snows in Mexico City---fake snow at an outdoor shopping mall

Museo Nacional de Antropologia

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