Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year's in Puebla

We celebrated Año Nuevo in Puebla with Omar's oldest brother, Hector, and his family.
Volcano Popocatepetl Omar and his parents

Amy and Omar with Omar's parents, his brother Hector and his wife Aby

At the church of Tonantzintla with Omar's parents and nephew Hector
Tonantzintla is a beautiful church and it was festively decorated for the visit of the Archbishop at Christmas

Downtown Cholula, a small town on the outskirts of Puebla
General/Papa Hector cutting his piece of the Rosca de Reyes (cake for 'Three Kings Day', January 6). The cake is full of plastic Baby Jesus'. If you get a piece with a baby inside you are to host a tamale party on February 2, Dia de la Candelaria.
Amy got one of the babies! (I'm holding it here.) Guess I need a tamale recipe.

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