Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chiapas: Sumidero Canyon, Comitan, Lagunas de Montebello and El Chiflon

The Zocalo in Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas. We arrived in the middle of huge fair in the zocalo, the next morning it was a little quieter!

The main attraction here is the Sumidero Canyon. We took a speed boat ride from the town through the canyon, this picture is just as we are approaching the canyon. It was pretty chilly and cloudy in the canyon and beautiful!
Passing under the bridge and from the hot sun into the clouds.

The Arbol de Navidad (Christmas tree) formation on one of the canyon walls, a tiny waterfall was dripping down the wall creating all the moss.

Back on the road from Chiapa de Corzo to Comitan. It was a short, beautiful drive through the hills and villages.
Comitan, another pretty small town. We stayed in a cute hotel right around the corner from the zocalo. This is the municipal government building and church on the edge of the plaza.

Mariachis strolled around the zocalo waiting to be hired for the evening.The next morning we drove from Comitan to see the Lagunas de Montebello. On a bright, sunny day these six lakes are different colors. The day we visited was cloudy and misty, we could hardly see some of the lakes, but we could see several and the setting was beautiful.

Omar chatting with two boys who wanted to be hired as our guides.

At this lake you could take a 'boat' trip out to one of the islands. The boats were the long rafts you can see in this picture here.
It had cleared a little here and we heard that Corona had filmed a commercial from the island in the middle of this lake so we hired a boatman for a short trip. Misty views from the island where we saw beautiful orchids and had fun listening to the echo across the lake.

We drove from Lagunas de Montebello towards another national park and a waterfall called Las Nubes. We didn't quite make it all the way (rough road and it was getting late) but the drive was beautiful.

We spent another night in Comitan and drove the next day to El Chiflon, a park with beautiful waterfalls. There was a nice trail along the edge of the many waterfalls. This picture is just starting out, below all the falls.

This was the first waterfall
This was the largest of the falls, vela de novia (bride's veil). That's Amy climbing the stairs below the waterfall to the lookout point. A close up view of Amy, holding on tight to the railing, the mist made the stairs slippery!

She made it, here waving to Omar
Looking down at the falls below from the same viewpoint.
The trail continued steeply above vela de novia, you couldn't tell from below, but there were two more waterfalls above.

Omar enjoying a chilly, but very refreshing swim below the waterfalls. We swam and had a nice picnic here before getting back on the road.
It was a beautiful drive from El Chiflon to San Cristobal de las Casas through small villages and farmland. This is one of the many sugar cane fields we saw along the road.

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