Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A few more pics from Bangkok

We are trying to catch up with our blog and have a few more treasures from Bangkok to post.

Nuestra continuacion de Bangkok.

Watching the sunset from the rooftop of our hotel./La puesta de sol desde nuestro hotel.

View of the river from the rooftop restaurant./Vista de el rio desde el restaurante en nuestro hotel.
And the view south.

The Jim Thompson house.

Taking a tuk-tuk (a three wheeled taxi)./Amy en el tuk-tuk (es una motocicleta de tres llantas usada como taxi).
River taxi. Los monjes tienen un lugar reservado.

Siam Square, a major shopping district in downtown Bangkok.

Fish and turtles for sale in Chinatown./Peces, tortugas y algo mas en venta en Chinatown.

Whipping up some Pad Thai on the street./Nuestra cena (noten a Amy esperando por su platillo sentada en la mesa de hasta atras).

A Buddhist festival in Chinatown.

Our first night in Bangkok we arrived from the airport to find a huge Buddhist festival going on on the Chinatown streets all around our hotel. To our delight the festival involved eating all sorts of delicious treats and we ate dinner there two of our four nights in Bangkok. The first evening as we were staring hungrily at a noodle stall a kind lady ushered us to a table and helped us order..
Kind woman: White noodles or yellow?
Omar: One white, one yellow
Kind woman: Spicy or not spicy?
Omar: One spicy, one not spicy.
...and we were off on our SE Asia street food adventure. The evening ended with a little kid selling Omar "Thai Sweet." Here is Amy giving it a try :)

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