Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Sleeping Bus

Our blog has gotten a little out of order, but we traveled from Hanoi north to Sapa, then back to Hanoi to get on a bus (and ferry) to go out to Cat Ba Island. After Cat Ba Island we went to Hue. This journey involved a 45 minute bus ride to the ferry, a 40 minute boat ride to Haiphong and then a bus from Haiphong to Hue. We bought tickets for the sleeping bus because the journey was 12 hours long. We had no idea that the sleeping bus had beds! Double decker beds! Somehow we got super lucky and ended up in the best seats on the bus, in the back (extra leg room for Omar because his bed/seat didn't have anyone in front) on the upper level and next to each other. Quite a comfy ride. Omar's thinking about exporting the idea to Mexico.

Nuestro pagina esta un poco fuera de orden pero viajamos de Hanoi hacia Sapa, y despues regresamos a Hanoi para tomar el autobus (y ferry) para ir a la isla de Cat Ba. Despues de la Isla de Cat Ba fuimos a Hue. Tomamos un camion que tiene camas. Abajo pueden ver la comodidad en que viajamos.

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