Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sapa, Vietnam

It's been a while since we posted pictures--busy with adventures, but also internet and picture problems everywhere. We've been in Vietnam for almost two weeks and spent time in Hanoi, Sapa and Halong Bay. We haven't finished posting pictures from Bangkok and a lot of pics of Hanoi and Sapa are being held hostage on Omar's memory card (the computer won't let us see them). Here is a preview, please check back for more!

Ha pasado un tiempo desde que subimos fotos---hemos estado algo ocupados con nuestras adventuras, ademas con algunos problemas de internet y fotografias. Hemos estado en Vietnam por casi dos semanas, pasando tiempo en Hanoi, Sapa y Halong Bay. No hemos terminado de subir las fotos de Bangkok. Y muchas fotos de Hanoi y Sapa han sido secuestradas en la camera de Omar (las computadoras no pueden leer la memoria). Aqui esta unas fotos preliminares, por favor chequen despues para mas.

We took a hiking tour through some "hill tribe" villages in Sapa. It was a beautiful day's walk through rice paddies, over a few hills and through villages of the Dzao and H'mong people. Omar is in the center of the picture, our guide and some other folks are walking in front of us.

Aqui estamos por un recorrido por alguna de las villas en Sapa.

Vista de los campos de arroz.

Omar chatting with our guide./Nuestro guia y Omar.

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