Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hoi An

Hoi An, another Unesco World Heritage site, is a small town on a river just a few hours from Hue. Hoi An was a international trading port dating back to the 17th century and Chinese, Japanese and European influences are seen in the homes, Chinese assembly halls and in ancient art and architecture. We loved wandering around the (car and motorbike free :) narrow streets of the Old Town and the river, visiting the heritage sites and trying the delicious local cuisine.

Hoi An es otro de los sitios asignados como patrimonio cultural de la humanidad. Hoi An tiene unos paisajes muy bonitos y tiene bastante influencia de China, Japon y Europa. La comida es muy buena y lo mejor de todo es que no hay tanto trafico como en otra ciudades que visitamos.

Specialty of Hoi An--fried wantons! We went to this cafe for lunch the day we arrived in Hoi An and liked it so much we went two more times (and ordered the same thing). The main course was another Hoi An speciality, cao lau, a noodle dish.
Este restuarant esta tan bueno que regresamos y comimos los mismo tres dias seguidos. Nuestros platillos regionales favoritos se llaman cao lau y fried wantons (deliciosos).

The Chinese merchants who lived in Hoi An built assemby halls and temples where Chinese from different regions/ethnic groups could gather for festivals and celebrations. This was one of the many that we had a look at.

The Japanese covered bridge, built in 1593. Amy is on the bridge (in the hat) waving.
El puente Japones cubierto, contruido en 1593. Amy con su sombrero aparece en la foto.
We took a day trip to visit the Cham ruins at My Son. The Cham were an Indian influenced Hindu empire in central Vietnam (2nd-10th centuries).
Vistamos las ruinas llamadas My Son de la cultura del imperio Cham del periodo del siglo 2do al 10. Estas ruinas fueron bombardiadas en la guerra de Vietnam. Solo algunos elementos quedan erectos.

The most complete of the Cham towers.

Returning to the boat harbor at Hoi An after our trip to My Son (we took the bus one way and a boat back).
De regreso al puerto de Hoi An por medio de una embarcacion.
The beach was only 4km from our hotel and the ancient city in Hoi An. We rented bicycles and rode out to the beach on our last day there.
Para llegar a la playa rentamos bicicletas y las manejamos por cuatro kilometros. El camino a la playa es muy bonito.

A round basket boat used for fishing.

Bicycle parking at the beach.

Views along the river on the ride back to town.

Amy on bicycle./Amy en su bicicleta.

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