Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sapa II

We didn't go back to Sapa, but we never finished posting our pictures of Sapa. Omar took some great ones of Sapa town (popular destination for Vietnamese and foreign tourists), our hike and the market and the very persistent sellers of beautiful handicrafts from the region.

Este es la continuacion de nuestro viaje en Sapa.

Black H'mong women selling in the market.

Red Dzao women at the market.

The women selling various handicrafts following Amy (pink shirt) as we head off on our trek.

Estas mujeres tratando de venderle algo a Amy.

On the trek -- you can just see Amy, still followed by some women who hope to sell her local handicrafts.

Despues de veinte minutos las mismas mujeres queriendole venderle Amy.

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