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Hue was the capital of Vietnam from 1802-1945 under the 13 emperors of the Nguyen dynasty. The city is a Unesco world heritage site.

Hue la capital de Vietnam de 1802-1945 y es considerada como patrimonio cultural de la humanidad.
The city sits on both sides of the Perfume River, with hills just visible beyond the river.
Vista del Rio Perfume.

Dragon boats for tourist cruises.

The Citadel is the former imperial city and covers a huge area enclosed area on the north side of the river. Construction began in 1804. The Citadel was heavily bombed during the war and huge parts of the palace are in ruins or being reconstructed. Inside the Citadel is the Imperial Enclosure a 'citadel within the citadel' and inside that is the Forbidden Purple City which was reserved for the private life of the emperor. The photo is outside the wall of the Citadel.

Citadel es la antigua ciudad imperial, construida en 1804. Citadel es una ciudad fortificada (muy grande). Citadel fue bombardiada durante la guerra y grand parte del palacio esta en ruinas o esta siendo reconstruida. Esta es una foto de la fachada exterior.

A bridge over the moat and into the Citadel./Este es el puente para crucar al interior de Citadel.

The huge flagpole just inside the Citadel wall./La explanada en Citadel.

The gate to Imperial Enclosure. The emperor would make appearances from the top (under the orange roof) of the gate.

Este es la fortaleza Imperial dentro de Citadel. Aqui el rey hacia sus apariciones en celebraciones.

Closer view of the entrance to the Imperial Palace within the Citadel walls.

Entrance to one of the palaces (we think the Queen Mother's palace) within the Imperial City within the Citadel. The actual palace was destroyed.
Entrada a uno de los palacios donde la mama de la reina vivia.

One of the many temples/palaces within the Citadel./Uno de muchos de los templos/palacios dentro de Citadel.
The Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc. The emperors built massive tombs on the banks of the river with beautifully landscaped grounds, space for fishing and hunting, temples for family members and their own tomb. Some of the tombs were also occupied prior to the death of the King.
La tomba de la emperador Tu Duc. Los emperadores mandaban a construir sus propias tumbas.

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