Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mekong Delta - Can Tho

We took a bus from Saigon to Can Tho for one night in the Mekong Delta, the rice and fruit growing capital of Vietnam. Can Tho is a riverside town and a good base for exploring the floating markets.

Tomamos el autobus de Saigon a Can Tho para pasar una noche en el area de Mekong Delta.
View from the bus --one of many canals/rivers we crossed.

The ferry crossing over the Mekong, just before reaching Can Tho.
El ferry para cruzar Mekong y llegar a Can Tho.

The bridge that will replace the ferry crossing, it is under construction and due to be complete next year.
El puente que va a reemplazar el cruce a travez del ferry. Este puente esta siendo reconstruido ya que collapso hace dos anios mientras se estaba construyendo.
Negotiating the price for the small boat we hired for a tour of a floating market and the canals.
Haciendo la negociacion de nuestra embarcacion.

The captain of our small boat./ La capitan de nuestro barco.

Approaching the floating market. /Llegando al mercado flotante.

The vegetable boat. Samples of the different vegetables sold on this boat are tied to the bamboo pole.

El barco de los vegetales. Los vendedores distingen los productos que venden poniendo una muestra de lo que venden en el poste.

The watermelon boat./El barco de las sandias.

The pineapple boat./El barco de las pinas.

The dragon fruit boat.Cruising the canals. Brightly colored houses (mostly built out of cement and set back from the canal) and fruit orchards lined most of the canals we traveled through.
Cruzando los canales.

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  1. So pretty! Taste some of that dragonfruit for us while you're sunning yourselves in the warm weather. :) -Kate and Mom