Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nha Trang

We arrived at the beach side town of Nha Trang at 5 am after taking another sleeping bus from Hoi An. We were just in time to watch the sunrise over the beach.

Llegamos a la playa de Nha Trang a las 5 de la manana. Para mi sorpresa es que toda la ciudad estaba haciendo ejercicio en la playa.

Nha Trang's resident's out for their early morning exercise--walking, running, aerobics, badminton and swimming on the beach.

Los residentes haciendo todo tipo de ejercicio--caminando, corriendo, aerobics, badminton y nadando en la playa.

Un turista muy contento.

Do it yourself barbeque at your table! Squid, veggies and spicy beef.
We went on a day boat trip out to several islands just off the coast. The islands were beautiful and we went swimming and snorkeling. We didn't know all the entertainment that was thrown in as well. This is our guide-cook-karaoke singer and dancer and the 38 other folks on our tour.
Fuimos y nos apuntamos a un viaje un barco al las islas. Las islas estuvieron muy bonitas, hicimos snorkeling y nadamos.

Leaving the Nha Trang harbour.

View from one of the islands.

The crew also played musical instruments. There was a good 45 minute jam session including karaoke (both Vietnamese and English hits).
Resulto que el capitan del barco y su tripulacion eran tambien cantantes, musicos y balarines, en serio!

The floating bar. Free red wine and pineapple to those who swam out there (we did of course).
Bebidas gratis en el mar.
Fresh fruit served in the afternoon.

Relaxing in a hammock at one of our island stops.

A visit to an aquarium on one island.


  1. This is all so unbelievable to see! Kate thinks the biggest adjustment you will have to make when you return home is that you won't have to carry your camera around and take pictures of what you're doing every five minutes! Mom thinks the beaches and water look BEAUTIFUL. Keep up the good work on the blog in your last few days! -Kate and Mom

  2. .......Thanks for a great view of the trip!
    The temples and castles are awesome BUT I would spend time on the water, in the boats and on the beach......."In the midst of winter I see inside of me the invincible summer!!" Camus
    Love and safe home! Chris k